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    Welcome to Davao Kendo Club

    Davao Kendo Club ダバオ 剣道 クラブ, the first official kendo club in Mindanao was founded last May 31, 2014 by Phillip Lim,3rd Dan. With the guidance of its instructors and visiting senseis, the club continues its goal to develop new kendokas and mission to propagate Kendo not only in Davao Region but throughout Mindanao. Club resident and visiting Senseis / Senpai: Phillip Lim,3rd Dan Matsuda Kazuya,3rd Dan Masahiro Ono, 7th Dan David Yeo, 7th Dan DAVAO KENDO CLUB Affiliated with the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines Started the first school-based kendo club in Davao Davao Doctors College Kendo Club, 2015 – First school based kendo club in Davao Ateneo…