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Are you interested to join and learn Kendo? Kindly read below for more details and information.

What is Kendo?


Very Important Information: If you have recently seen various movies like The Last Samurai, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Samurai X, Rorouni Kenshin or “Insert Movie Name Here”, and are interested in learning kendo to practice what you saw on TV, this may not be the place for you.

In Davao Kendo We do NOT teach ninjutsu, baton twirling, or any light sabre techniques. We teach and learn Kendo. The least we can help is to tell and advice you on what group teaches those disciplines.

If you have recently seen a movie which has created an interest in Kendo and the discipline that is inherent in the practice and application of kendo, we welcome you to come watch a practice to see if this might be the place for you.

How to Join Us? Easy steps…

1.  Please send an email, message or text any contact in Davao Kendo Club to know if accepting of members is still open. If it does, Then an appointment will be set for you to visit us during our practice.

2. When arriving at the dojo, introduce yourself to one of the students and ask to be introduced to your contact. We also encourage you to ask   any questions/information related to Kendo before and after our practice or if there is a student who is observing during the class hour. Please be reminded that the best practice to remember in Kendo, is to treat everyone with respect.

3. If you are decided, you can join the  beginners class if It still open or wait for the next batch of beginners. As of now, Davao Kendo Club is on a 2 hours every Saturday practice. Kindly message the page for the fees.

4. During practice we have some available shinai (bamboo sword) that you can use but we strongly suggest to buy your own shinai as it is the primary and one of the most important thing in Kendo. You also need to plan your budget on buying Kendo equipment. We can assist you on where to buy one.

5. You can wear any sports attire during training. Kendo (Keikogi and Hakama) Uniform is not necessary during first 8 weeks or 2 months of practice but there is no problem if you want to wear immediately. you are required to wear on your 9th week.

6. For bogu set (set of armors) , Normally you need to pass the beginners class for 6 months to 1 year beginners training before wearing the bogu set. It will also give you time to plan your budget and start .

What we expect from you?

1. We, in Davao Kendo Club is under Phillip Lim-sempai , a San dan in Kendo (3rd Dan Black belt) who train and teach us Kendo

Kendo may be physically demanding and members are reminded that they will need to be healthy and reasonably fit to participate. And be mentally prepared to follow strictly to rules and etiquette of Kendo.

You are required to be dedicated and present on every practice. For beginners a 6 months to 1 year training and skill  development is needed to complete the beginners course.

2.  In Kendo, beginners are group by batch and work as a team to improve towards intermediate and advance class. Why in group batch? That is because Kendo’s teaching methods are designed for group classes.  To be fair to those who practice regularly, Frequent absentees will be discouraged from continuing, as they will disrupt the progress of the class. If you still decided to continue you can always join the next batch of newcomers.

3. When becoming member you need to provide the following equipments as provided below.



4.Go advance and reach the bogu class/ bogu wearing members. Enjoy Kendo.

Fee free to ask us any questions to info@davaokendo.com or simply message us here in facebook. Thanks.

Guide to Kendo:


Davao Kendo Club Committee


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