Davao Kendo Club

FEBRUARY 18 2017 Keiko Practice


To all Davao Kendo Club (ダバオ 剣道 クラブ) Members (both Active and Inactive) and School Based Kendo Club Members

Feb 18, Saturday, practice will be at GoldStar Basketball Gym, Sobrecarey St, Obrero. 6:00pm. Please arrive early (preferably already changed in your uniform/change of clothes) to save time as we are strictly allotted 2 hours and 30 minutes only. PLEASE DONT FORGET to bring your own H2O. Hydration is very important. Wala malapit na stores duon to buy water.

To all participating bogu class members, please get your bogu on Wednesday’s (Feb 15) session.

Attached below are the directions on how to get there. 1. Fairlanes to GoldStar Gym. 2. Holy Cross of Davao College to GoldStar Gym 3. Outside picture, yellow gate.


Original Post by : Reida (Treasurer of DKC)

Post by: Don Carlos Segova
Post Date: 2017-02-13 16:44:17

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