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Welcome Home Davao Delegates!


Nov 2016


As the 1st National Takai has ended this Sunday November 20, we welcome back our Davao Delegates.



Fresh from their shiai competition, they came back with a lot more knowledge on this sleeves and much enthusiasm to work on their skills.

We would also like to thank our Sensei for accompanying the delegates in Manila and taking the time to give their support to the group. We appreciate their presence as it gives the team additional moral boost in the game and in the Seminar.




Lim Sensei and Matsuda Sempai

The event also was a good way to meet the other kendokas from all over Philippines. And indeed the banquet night was as much fun as the learning experience.



Davao Delegates at the Banquet

The Tournament was held on Sunday and the following teams fought their best, giving it their 100% as the culmination of all those months of training is finally tested on the Shiai floor.


Mango Samurai Team



Mango Ronin Team



Mango Shake Team


Mango Shake Team

Mango Juice Team


And we extend our Congratulations to our fellow delegates who bagged a medal:

WOMEN’S INDIVIDUALS  – Fighting Spirit Award  :  Reida – Jade Renovilla

TEAM EVENT – Fighting Spirit Award  :  Robert Carabuena Jr.



For more pictures on the fun times the delegates had, head to this link -> PICTURES.

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