Davao Kendo Club

DKC On The Upcoming First National Kendo Tournament


Nov 2016


The Davao Kendo Club has been invited to join the First National Kendo Tournament in the Philippines. It will be held in Caloocan, Manila at Tire Center Sports Gymnasium, on November 19 to 20, 2016.

This is the first event held by the Philippine Kendo Federation and DKC has 22 participants out of the current 40 members of the Club.  This is open for Bogu Class only, which means you have been practicing Kendo for  a few months now. This is a great time to meet other Kendokas from the other Clubs and learn from the different Sensei’s present in the gathering. Seminars will be held aside from the Shiai event. So to the Davao Delegates ……………

頑張ってください !!!!  (=D


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