Davao Kendo Club

Visiting 先生!


Sep 2016



Davao Kendo Club is very fortunate to be visited by a Sensei! Meet Ikeda 先生! A 6th Dan from Japan. He comes to Davao from time to time and luckily he had the time to visit our dojo. On his first visit, he observed us as to how we do our practice and also gave some tips to improve our kihon. Then we were very fortunate to have him finally join us in keiko on his 2nd visit to the dojo, and surprise surprise!! We even got to do jigeiko with him, what a treat!!!! We were happy to know that he enjoyed his time with us and we will be seeing him again.

To Ikeda Sensei we love having you and welcome to Davao Kendo Club!!!!    =D

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