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Diaries of a Kendoka Part 2

May 30, 2016


2nd Year Davao Kendo Club Anniversary


Last Saturday and Sunday (May 28-29, 2016) was the Davao Kendo Club 2nd Year Anniversary. An event we have all been preparing and waiting for.


Weeks before the event, everyone started planning already – from the Kyu Assessment, and the party on the first day down to the Shiai tournament on the second day. Everyone has a major part in the event and it feels so happy to see the different batches working together. A one big happy Kendo Family.


Saturday event started 3pm with the Kyu Assessment of the 2nd – 5th batch. This was the nervous part for the ones who will take the assessment especially that Sensei Lim, Matsuda Senpai and the guests from Cebu Kendo Club alongside the club sensei, Masato Kosuge-sensei, a 4th Dan  were judging and watching us.  Good thing was that the Kyu assessment was successful. J Everyone did a good job and passed; with that, congratulations to all who joined the assessment. J


After the assessment, another special guest Ono Sensei, 6th Dan, who came from Hong Kong Kendo Club just to be with us in our celebration, taught us the basics foot works as well as some techniques when striking and doing shiai. Ono Sensei is one of our regular guests during our events and major activities; hence, we were honored to be taught by him on such occasions.


After the very inspiring special lesson and practice was the most awaited part – the Black and White themed dinner and party celebration wherein everyone from the club with our honored guests Ono Sensei and the Cebu Kendo Club were invited. J  It was such a blissful event. Before the dinner, our dearest sensei, Sensei Lim said an opening speech on how he started the club and his message to all of us Kendokas. This was followed by Matsuda Senpai who also shared how he joined the Davao Kendo Club and his experiences then of course the very heart-touching message of Johnny Senpai who indeed made us realized how our passion for Kendo led us to know each other in the club and made us what we are today.


A party wouldn’t be complete without the games and entertainment. Hahaha. The 5th batch did a very creative and funny skit which made everyone laugh; while the 6th batch danced to the 80’s “Hey Mickey”. Since the 1st to 4th batch is a small group, they danced to the music of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One D. Indeed it made them… beautiful. It was really fun seeing people who doesn’t really dance do it just for the anniversary. I never knew DKC people have such amazing talents hidden for so long. *applause* the games were worth watching because everyone participated – even Sensei Lim, Matsuda Senpai and the CKC guests were in a hype to join the games. The singing talents of the DKC and CKC people were also discovered because of the videoke challenge.  Hahaha!


The party really turned out good until the end; hence a million thank you to everyone who participated and made the event for the day successful.


Then comes the 2nd day, which was also a really fun and spectacular Shiai Tournament. There were team battles which made us, the audience, hold our breaths during close fights and the individual battles that made us cheer for everyone who played. Win or loose, it doesn’t matter because the fun and sportsmanship was there.  Everyone who watched indeed enjoyed the fights of the CKC, Lim and Ono Sensei, Matsuda Senpai and the rest of the players.  Indeed, even if it was a tiring day for our fellows who played, it was all worth it because the learning application was there.

To sum it up, the 2-day 2nd year Anniversary of Davao Kendo Club was a great success. We hope that in the next year and the upcoming years to come, the club will keep on getting stronger and may it be as fun and exciting as it is right now.  Ganbatte to everyone from DKC!


Author: Juliebeth Diano , 3rd Kyu

Davao Kendo Club Member, 2nd batch

Davao Doctors Kendo Club, Club Founder/Moderator

Author: Pinoy Kenshin
Post Date: 2016-06-01 00:07:35

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