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May 14, 5016. Saturday.

Another Saturday of amazing keiko was done in preparation for the kendokas who will be participating for their Kyu Assessment this May 28, 2016 – which is also the club’s 2nd year anniversary. Nearly two years of learning, training, and connecting with each other’s passion for Kendo has passed and the club still continues to develop its strong mind and spirit in discipline through the application of the principles of the sword.


May 15, 2016. Sunday.

An afternoon full of fun filled competition and camaraderie among the Gan Soo Do Mixed Martial Arts students where we (the Davao Kendo Club), had our first ever demonstration. It was held at Ladislawa Country Club gym and a lot of us participated.

It started with the demonstration of the different exercises done by the GSD students, headed by their Masters: Master Steve Grandeza, Master Jerry Fornolles, Master Efren David, Master Noel Peñales, and Master Johnny Lardera. Warm up exercises and the basics of kick boxing, judo and MMA were presented. The event was even more fun because of the kids who were also enrolled in summer class of GSD. They performed like a pro and brought joy to their parents and to the audience as well.

When the friendly competition began, it was fun to see the kids, especially the very young ones, compete. They really had fun and enjoyed what they were doing. Losing isn’t an issue to them as long as they tried defending themselves against the attack of their opponent. Watching the kids can mesmerize the people watching and it was very entertaining. Our club manager and president, Johnny Senpai, is also one of the Masters of GSD hence, he also judged the kids who competed. It is something to be proud of for us in DKC.

After 2 hours of the children’s competition, was our moment to show to the crowd what Kendo is. Our vice president, Paul Minoza, introduced the concept of Kendo – To discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the Katana (sword). Then we performed the Uchikomi geiko (the basics of striking: Men, Kote, Kote-Men) and Kirikeishi (combination of kihon). After, was the Shiai presentation where in they showed how competition is applied in Kendo.  The faces of the audience were in awe because for some, it was their first time to see and hear about Kendo. It was a great honor for us to share our passion to the crowd and hopefully will encourage them to appreciate the importance of this new martial arts and join in the next batch to come.


Kudos for everyone who attended the demo! It became successful because everyone gave their best shot. 🙂


Author: Juliebeth Diano , 3rd Kyu

Davao Kendo Club Member, 2nd batch

Davao Doctors Kendo Club, Club Founder/Moderator

Author: Pinoy Kenshin
Post Date: 2016-05-17 10:20:44

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