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Davao Kendo Club New Home

Finally, We have our first practice at our new venue at Fairlanes Bowling Alley, F. Torres, Davao City Last January 10 2015. It is also the first time that Agila, Davao Kendo Club Official dummy trained with us 🙂 . 1488112_1030063840342825_8673542667381030440_n 10336619_1030078803674662_8255726702333706662_n 10363929_1030057400343469_4678107562024170915_n 10386366_1030058710343338_1710019076903902965_n 10685386_1030083340340875_3065815317863132936_n 10923610_1030086373673905_8568547516563513788_n

Photos courtesy of Venus Cabahug, Davao Kendo Member

Author: Pinoy Kenshin
Post Date: 2015-01-12 17:39:38

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