Davao Kendo Club

The 2014 story of Davao Kendo Club


May 31 2014 is the most memorable day of Davao Kendo Club. Under the guidance of Phillip Lim sensei, the Davao Kendo Club was born.


May 31 2014. –
Davao Kendo was born. Original students: Jasper John Lardera, Janilyn Lardera, Johnny Lardera, Alex Reyes, Cheryl Veliganio. (Alex and Cheryl as guest practitioner).

The BeginningThe Beginning3The Beginning2















June 2014 – Jercyl Lerin joins the group. This is also the time Johnny Lardera Left and went to Singapore but continue to practice Kendo under Tanglin Kendo Club of Singapore. There are only 3 of them practicing kendo but the will and motivation to learn do the actions.


The Beginning4 The Beginning5


July 2014 – Johnny Lardera came back from Singapore and continue with the group. some guest practitioners try Kendo but the core group is intact. This is also the month Rubylyn Lardera Join the group.

The Beginning6 The Beginning7 The Beginning8logo


August 2014 – Neil Carlihay joins the group together with Nabou Ito – 3rd Dan. We also transfer to Ladislawa Gym and continue training Kendo. The group now consists of Johnny Lardera, Jasper John Lardera, Janilyn Fe Lardera, Jercyl Lerin, Neil Carilhay. Later part of

August Victor Magno joins the group. This is also the month that Davao Kendo Club have its own Club Logo (Created by Rikki Reyes of Iga Kendo Club).

The Beginning9

The Beginning10 The Beginning11 The Beginning12 The Beginning13 The Beginning14


























September 2014 – Rubylyn Lardera returned to join the group. This is also the month that we wear bogu and preparing for Gasshuku 2014 (Johnny Lardera, Jasper John Lardera and Janilyn Fe Lardera). Jercyl Lerin went to South Korea (Asian Games) and unable to join the group in Gasshuku 2014.

The Beginning15 The Beginning16

The Beginning17 The Beginning18 The Beginning19 The Beginning20 The Beginning21 The Beginning22 The Beginning23 The Beginning24 The Beginning25 The Beginning26 The Beginning27 The Beginning28 The Beginning29The Beginning30

October 2014 – Jercyl Lerin rejoins the group from her official trip in South Korea (Asian Games). The group decided to open a 2nd batch. The group now practice at Blue Gym in Obrero. Venus Cabahug and Xylia Alzate are the first of the many members of 2nd batch who joined the group.


The Beginning31


November 2014 – Ono Sensei visit Davao Kendo Club and for the record, the very first visitor of the group. The 2nd batch group is officially closed on accepting members. The training continues.





December 2014 – Practice continues. and the goals for 2015 is next.

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The group is still new but with the will and motivation  on learning Kendo is the group weapon to achieve the goals of 2015 and beyond. Davao Kendo Club! Ganbatte!!!!!!!!!!


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